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What not to do with your business cards

We hope that our cards tell people what we do. We all go to networking events and give our cards to everyone, people with whom we hardly have a conversation since the card will tell them all about us.

We hope that our business card will attract customers to our doors. How many times have you walked into a laundry mat, a bank, a grocery store, or anywhere else to find a board that has hundreds of business cards taped on it? Have you ever taken a card off the board and called the person to do business with them?

People hang their cards on the board believing that it will make people call them and do business with them. You get to know more about the best matte black membership cards through the web sources.

We believe that everyone wants our cards. How many times have you been together recently at a networking event, people press their cards into their hands, in fact, take two and pass one! It is like a contest to see how many cards can be undone before you leave.

Most of us believe that business cards should be treated as a business tool to remind others how to communicate with all of us after having a conversation. But the truth is that it is nothing more than a business card, its objective is not to be a sales tool, but it should be taken as a way to allow others to be linked to you. 

Keep your cards, use them appropriately, provided to those who request them. Or leave them in a fish tank for a free lunch, gym account, facial, or free financial review!