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How Your Childs Thumb Sucking Habit Could End up Costly

Children go through a phase where they feel safe and comfortable when doing certain habits, such as thumb sucking or pacifier. During the early years thumb sucking can usually last until about four years, it is absolutely normal for a child to want to suck or chew on things.

At this time, sucking the thumb or other habits can change jaw growth and cause misalignments and issues bite. To get rid of this habit, you can look for finger sucking prevention devices online.

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The problems caused will need orthodontic help to improve, and it will be expensive.

How thumb sucking impacts child dental health

Children who continue to actively suck their thumbs through four are at higher risk of developing long-lasting misalignments of the teeth and jaw growth impact. Thumb sucking active spot repetitive pressure on the teeth, jaw roof of the mouth, which applies alter how they grow.

Orthodontic problems caused by thumb-sucking

  • Overbite – Upper lower jaw.
  • Open overlapping bites – top front and lower teeth when the mouth is not connected gear down dip inwards.
  • Speech closed
  • Front hitch – Since thumb sucking alters teeth and jaw growth, changes in speech development. It may cause the lips and cause speech problems making it difficult to pronounce certain letters.

If you want to help avoid the risk of orthodontic problems or speech, it is important to help your child to stop this unhealthy habit because they begin to reach the age of four.