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Working And Use of Floor Heating System

If you’re building a new home or renovating an old home and are looking forward to changing the best option is radiant floor heating.

This system is more efficient than the forced air way as it uses less energy, and the heat produced feels more natural to the human body as compared to the other systems.

The basic method to install radiant floor heating system in you building is that the desired area is laid with cables in loops throughout the surface. These heating cables have high resistance compared to ordinary power lines.

Under the cable an insulating mat is placed to isolate the heat generated. To get a smooth finish a thin layer of filler like carpet is placed on top of the heating cables.

Cables can also be embedded in concrete floors or fitted in mats or directly placed on the floor.Floor heating makes use of a thermostat. This thermostat acts as the hub of the floor system. This controls the temperature and keeps the heat at a comfortable level. Thermostat can be programmed to update the temperature automatically or it can be done manually.

Electric system is simpler to install as they use lesser number of components compared to hydronic systems. This system is non-corrosive and flexible. These cables are generally made of bronze mesh, per-formed cable mats and carbon films.

These systems use line voltage technology or low voltage technology to heat the cables and the usage of electricity can be monitored. This feature has a remarkable advantage.