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What Are Exterior Car Detailing Services?

Exterior car detailing services involve thorough washing to remove dirt. Professionals will use soap to soften mud and dirt and lift it off the surface. They will use special wheel cleaning products and brushes to remove dirt from lug nuts, brake calipers and wheels. As you can very well understand, the wheels are usually the dirtiest components of a car.

Once the cleaning of the wheels is finished, it is time to dry and wash the paint from top to bottom. To do this, professionals will use soft microfiber towels and wash mitts. For more information on exterior car detailing services browse to online sources.

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After this, there will be clay from the paint and fir this, the detailing services will use the car clay bar to remove the dirt strongly attached to the surface of the car. This is the clear coat of the vehicle. When necessary, the best auto detailing services will buff the paint to remove swirl marks, oxidation, and light scratches.

It is also possible to polish the paint by hand and where appropriate they will use a polishing machine depending on the condition of the paint and the car itself, this is usually the most complex and time consuming part of all detail work. 

The final stage is the paint waxing and this will provide your car's paintwork with an extra layer of protection. This coating gives a fantastic shine to the surface of cars and you will fall in love all over again like you did the first time you saw it in the showroom.

Auto detailing services will work on all associated parts of the vehicle and this involves the exterior such as rubber parts and windows. These will undergo methodical polishing and cleaning. 

The goal is to make the overall car shine like new by putting a finishing touch on every corner of our bodywork along with the exterior trim. You can contact your professional service providers to learn more about the process and everything involved in exterior vehicle detailing work.