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How To Make Turkish Coffee At Home

In ancient times, women in the harem were intensively trained in the correct preparation technique for this Turkish drink. Prospective husbands will judge a woman's dignity from the taste of her coffee.

Cafes have become social institutions where people can meet and exchange ideas. Even today, traditional cafes play an important role in Turkish culture as they serve as meeting points for tourists and locals alike. You can also buy Turkish coffee via online.

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Traditionally, we boil water in a jug and add coffee when the water boils. Boiling water in a coffee pot involves boiling the coffee repeatedly and then removing it from the stove until it cools down.

The most important thing in brewing this drink is the foam that is created when it is cooked. It only needs to cook for a few seconds. 

Since the foam is the essence of Turkish coffee, we need to prepare it sufficiently so that the coffee has a distinct taste. But we need to avoid the bitterness that can come from overcooking.

Easy Steps To Follow For Great Turkish Coffee

1. Boil cold water in a jug

2. Turn off the stove, add ground coffee and sugar, then turn it on again.

3. Bring the coffee to a boilover and over, just enough to boil (you will need to do this two or three times)

4. Pour the foam evenly on all drinkers (you can use a spoon for this)

5. Pour the rest of the coffee into the coffee cup

6. Let it cool and wait for the soil to settle to the bottom of the cup