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Tips For Choosing The Right Charter Yacht In Riviera Maya

The yacht charter market today offers many options for those who want to cruise around the beautiful islands and bays of the world.

If you want to cover 5 islands in 1 day or visit them in a week, to take a group of 4 best friends or 40 employees, to enjoy the feel of an old classic boat Riviera Maya are happy to offer all of these requirements by booking the private yacht charter rental in Riviera Maya.

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Choose a Motor Yacht for your charter in Riviera Maya if you are looking for:

1. High speed

Motor yacht fans normally prefer the destination to the journey. They put comfort and speed high on their priority list. An average cruising speed of 15 to 20 knots allows motor yachts to cover longer distances. 

2. Space and cabin accommodation

A medium-sized motor yacht normally has 2 to 3 decks – more than enough for all the guests to socialize, dine and sunbathe. Cabins are spacious, with an expensive high-quality finish and en-suite bathrooms. 

Go for a Sailing Yacht Charter in Riviera Maya if you prefer:

1. Journey to a destination

Sailing Yachts stand no rush. Complete peace and easy cruising under the wind-filled sail – this is the whole point of them. These boats follow the special philosophy of life at sea: it is not the speed that matters, but the contact with the sea, wind, and nature.

2. No skipper

If you are a certified skipper, then you can charter a sailing yacht in Riviera Maya with no skipper. A bareboat rate is much lower than a skippered one, and you get a boat with her onboard equipment under your full control. Security deposit is charged before the charter and returned after if the boat is safe and sound.