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A Pain-Free Piercing Aftercare Guide

Caring for a new piercing can be daunting, with worries about unwanted pain and fear of infection. So you don't have to worry, here are painless service instructions for your new piercing!

Below you'll find out how to properly care for your new piercing and learn more about saline sprays, physiological rinses, and after-care soaps. You can also try piercing aftercare spray from After Inked.

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Some things to consider

As a precaution, ask the piercer to use a needle instead of a piercing. It has greater accuracy with the needle, less damage to the surrounding tissue, and is sterile.

A healthy diet and a low-stress environment are essential after a piercing to speed healing and reduce the risk of infection. Make sure you are hydrated!

Avoid further injuring the affected area by taking precautions to make sure your piercing doesn't poke, catch, or press while you sleep.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching or cleaning your piercing.

During treatment, use a saline solution or spray at least twice a day if necessary. Depending on the location of your piercing, it may be easier to clean it with sterile gauze soaked in salt or sprayed directly with salt. 

This aftercare will help soothe and remove dirt and grime from the affected area. Physiological douching and sprays will help clean your new piercing. Depending on the drilling location, one is easier to handle than the other.