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All About The Money Tree Plant

According to the legend of a money tree factory, a poor old farmer and hard worker one day comes across unusual plants in the fields. Because he had never seen anything like that before, he decided to dig. The small tree was hard to be removed, but he managed to take him home. At home, he found that the tree was tough and grown without much treatment. He decided to take lessons from plants, and decided to be stubborn, tough, and not give up on the things he did. Immediately, he became a great entrepreneur. For more information about money plant tree visit

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True story of money tree factory

The true story behind the braided money tree is not romantic enough, but no less interesting. The story returned to the 1980s. During the typhoon, a truck driver in Taiwan could not drive his truck. So, he lives at home and helps his wife braiding hair in his beauty salon. That thought surprised him – why not braid some money tree plants together? He took five plants and made them into shapes. They are instant blows, very popular throughout Asia. Today, the braided money tree factory has become one of the most popular ornamental plants in the world.

Pachira aquatica or money tree

Pachira Aquatica or money tree refers to tropical wetlands, which are native to Central and South America and grow in swamps in these places. The popular names of these plants are trees, Guiana Chestnut, Chestnut Malabar and Saba nuts.

It feels like they are like peanuts and it is possible to consume in raw or cooked form. It can also be based on bread formation. It is possible to eat the leaves and flowers too. It grows well in the form of tropical ornaments in the moist and free area of ice. The money tree has a greater durability and is able to adapt in a very good way in all conditions.