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The Best Tips for Middle School Students

The majority of students need to make a little extra effort in middle school to make sure they start high school at the head of the class, with a solid foundation.

Even if your child is in middle years of ages 11-14 already going to a great private or public school then by following these tips he/she will be at the head of the class.

I've seen straight-A students in middle school not score well on the SSAT exam and I've seen parents pay thousands and thousands of dollars on tutors to only see very little improvement.

 I've also seen parents sign their students up for rigorous summer school classes, taking away their time to enjoy sports or a camp, only to see the same result the next year in school.

Here is a method that I believe is the best method in getting your child to maximize his/her potential. It does take effort and it is aggressive.

You need to make sure your child works on SSAT practice exams 5 days a week, for one hour a day. Along with the training exams, the student needs to play a few sports online working on SSAT vocabulary lists or SAT vocabulary lists.

It takes discipline. If you are able to accomplish that goal for the entire summertime, having the exams corrected and the student reviewing why they got each problem wrong, by the end of the summertime, you will see a huge improvement.