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Some Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Self Confidence When Learning Standup Comedy

One of the most important tricks that you can have when learning standup comedy is self-confidence. Along with confidence, a high level of self-esteem is also desirable. You want to go up there and take command of not only the stage but the audience.

While stand-up comedy might not be the best choice for shy people, it does not mean that shy people cannot be standup comedians. If you have confidence and healthy self-esteem (and you’re funny) you will do well. If you are looking for a live comedy club online then you can hop over to this website

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Here are tips and tricks for beginners to get you started on the way to becoming a confident standup comedian. Being should be able to tell your story. One of the best ways to help your confidence on stage is to be able to jump right in and tell the audience who you are.

If you can do this, then the rest of your actions will be a piece of cake. Almost all people are afraid to do this. Is it because they are embarrassed or because they thought it was too weird or you may be shy, if you can do it, you can control the stage and the audience.

To begin, write down a list with two columns. In the primary column write down all the best time and experience you have. And in the second column, write down all the worst times and experience you have. Now, see if you can tell a story (funny, if possible) on each item on either side of the list.

Once you have a story, try and narrowed them to three or four times that show what you are really about. Now, do practice, practice, and practice. Can tell them backward and forwards and even think about the parts where you can give yourself the freedom to ad-lib. Practice this in front of a mirror or a video and learn and critique your performance.