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How To Pick The Best Bikini Top For Your Body Type

For some people, it can be hard to objectively decide what bikini top is right for your body. There are so many varied styles to choose from that are perfect for certain body types and here are some tips to finding your perfect top for your bikini. You can buy the best strappy bikini top via

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A Great Suit For Those With A Small Bust

If you have a small bust and wish to accentuate it more on your next beach outing, try a rhinestone bikini top, or atop the has ruffles or ridges at the bottom. This will draw attention to the area, and make it seem more prominent. 

What To Wear With Wide Shoulders

A top with the widest bands will make your shoulder width seem much smaller. A halter top or other stringy clasp will only serve to make your shoulders seem broader. A v-cut bikini top can also help draw attention away from your shoulders to your bust.

Again, colors and styles can accentuate areas that you enjoy about yourself, and move attention away from those that you may not care too much for. Choosing a brightly colored bikini top and flat colored bottoms will draw eyes up, while the opposite will draw eyes down. 

If you are having issues with your bustline, consider a bikini top with an underwire to keep it secure, or a strap that goes over your neck instead of over your shoulders.