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The Breakthrough Treatment for Anal Fissures

If you've ever had an abdominal fissure, you are aware of the discomfort and pain they cause. These types of tears can be found in both genders and can affect those who are young and old. If treatment is not effective, just experiencing a bowel motion is painful.

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What are anal fissures?

They are tiny tears in the internal lining of the canal that can trigger moderate to severe bleeding and pain. 

The pain that comes with a bowel movement due to these small lacerations may make those who have suffered it to be unable to go through stools once more; this could cause constipation, or obstruction of stool, which could increase the frequency of fissures further.

What is the cause?

Fissures usually result from excessively or large difficult bowel movements. They may also be due to constipation or diarrhea. The tear of the anal is common among infants and mothers may suffer them after childbirth due to the strain placed on the perineum. 

The treatment for anal fissures is typically required to ease pain and to allow regular bowel movements.

Which method provides the greatest relief?

Certain patients experience relief from taking the shallow tub, or by using stool softeners or adding fiber to their food. Creams for topical use can also be used to treat this condition that is painful. 

If the fissures do not heal in a timely manner, surgery could be necessary to repair the area that has been torn. However, it is possible that surgery could result in the creation of another fissure at a different site, and topical remedies are not always able to fix the issue.