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How Do I Choose The Right Type Of Tactical Eyewear?

When choosing the right type of tactical eyewear, you need to consider your needs and preferences. First, you should decide what type of impact protection you need. Some types of tactical eyewears include ballistic glasses, face shields, and goggles. Second, you should decide what type of visibility you need.

There is a lot of confusion out there about tactical eyewear. Some might say it's just sunglasses with a military or SWAT theme, while others might say it's the next big thing in safety gear. You can also buy trapshooting glasses through vraious online sources.


Actually, tactical eyewear is both more than just sunglasses and less than full face protection gear. Tactical eyewear is specifically designed to protect your eyes from debris, UV rays, and other hazards while you're on the job. 

Tactical eyewear comes in many different shapes and sizes, but all of them function the same way: They shield your eyes from harmful elements while you're performing your duties. There are several different types of tactical eyewear out there, but the most common are ballistic glasses and safety glasses.

Ballistic glasses are designed to protect your eyes from high-velocity objects like bullets and shrapnel. Safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from hazardous materials like chlorine gas and oil fumes. 

There are also hybrid lenses available that offer some ballistic protection along with some eye safety features. And finally, there are also sunglasses that have been specifically designed for tactical use. These sunglasses provide good eye protection while still allowing you to see clearly.