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SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Train with a qualified and experienced Stand Up Paddle Yoga trainer who is accredited as a continuing education provider. The paddle ride or SUP combined with yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation makes SUP yoga a unique yoga practice that is becoming increasingly popular around the world.

Yoga Stand Paddle Stands can be performed on calm water levels, including the sea, lake, canal, or even in a swimming pool! Getting into the Stand-Up Paddle strengthens base strength, balance, and endurance. In combination with yoga poses, the body and mind are challenged through intense concentration and self-confidence. 

You can also browse supyogacenter to find more information about the stand up paddle board yoga training.

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Yoga teacher training to straighten the level 1 paddle

The Level 1 Stand Up Paddle Yoga Teacher Training Program has several prerequisites, including 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Certification and swimming skills. Additional information on the prerequisites is detailed below.

After completing this two-day training program, students will feel safe to take Stand Up Paddle Yoga lessons and learn how to build their own SUP yoga business. Experienced trainers share their knowledge and skills so that you can become a confident Stand Up Paddleboard yoga teacher.

Stand Up Paddle Yoga Boards are very popular around the world and are a fun and enjoyable way to practice yoga. It is available for all ages and fitness levels. When you become a qualified Stand-Up Paddle yoga teacher, you can help make yoga more accessible to people so that they too can benefit from this challenging yoga practice.