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Purchasing Options for Web Hosting – Resellers and Cloud

If you're still looking to lease hosting resources instead of investing in your own IT to run your website, there are additional channels that offer an alternative to buying physical storage directly from a hosting provider which is very attractive to smaller customers.


For those who still want to rent server space, there is an additional option of using a hosting distributor instead of buying directly from a hosting provider. The retailer buys the best cloud for IT resellers for the hosting resources, storage space, and bandwidth in bulk, then sells the hosting packages to individual customers, sharing those resources. 

They can add an extra layer of support to their offering if they are specialist distributors, and some will have their own branded panels for customers to configure their hosting platform.

There are specialist reselling companies in the market, but there are also many organizations that sell hosting either as a complement to other services, eg. digital media companies that build or maintain websites. 

They need to buy hosting resources themselves and it is economical for them to buy in bulk and then resell any excess they don't use to cover their own costs. Hosting packages offered by retailers can include shared and dedicated hosting platforms, as retailers can sell a certain amount of shared storage space or equip a separate server. 

However, the most common retail packages include shared hosting and especially Virtual Private Servers (VPS), where shared servers use virtual partitions to create different operating environments.