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Move, Manage & Secure Office 365

Office 365 is nothing less than a value added service today. It has many features that can profit your organization. Many organizations are upgrading their working styles by incorporating Office 365. But if you haven’t migrated to Office 365, I suggest you take Office 365 training by To still have an idea about Office 365 Migration, here is all that you need to know. 

Migration to Office 365 is not a one constant process that any and every user need to follow in order to achieve the goal. There are different types of Office 365 Migration, know which one you need to chose:

1. Staged Migration – This is most suited for medium-sized companies. In this type, migration takes place in batches. Which also allows users to send or receive emails that haven't moved yet. 

2. Cutover Migration – This is most suited for any organization that wants to migrate at once. In Cutover migration, all your database is migrated at once, which also includes Mailboxes, Contacts and Distribution Groups. 

3. Hybrid Migration – During Hybrid Migration you can integrate with Office 365 with on-premises Exchange server and existing directory server at same time. This allows you to access and manage user accounts on both interfaces. 

4. IMAP Migration – IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. This migration allows you to transition users from Gmail or any other email system that supports IMAP migration.

Migration of Office 365 is not that tough as it seems, All you need is to pick the right one. And yes, when you need any assistance regarding it, all you need to do is contact Office 365 consultants to help you out with this. Once you understand the concept of Office 365, it becomes no more a tough job to move, manage and secure Office 365. You can get started with Microsoft Office 365 now