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EV Charging Accessories: What You Need To Know?

As an EV owner, you need to take care of your battery in order to make sure it stays in the best condition possible. Sometimes, an EV needs a bit of extra power when it's running low, and this is when you might have to charge up your battery outside of the vehicle with some accessories. To charge your vehicle, you can also purchase EV charging kits or electric car accessories from Lectron EV.

What is an EV Charging station?

An EV charging station is a device used to charge electric vehicles. EV charging stations use electricity from the grid to recharge batteries in EVs. 

There are two types of EV charging stations: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). AC charging is more common because it uses less energy and is faster than DC charging. 

An EV charger can take a few hours to fully charge an electric vehicle, so be sure to bring your charger with you when you visit an EV charging station.

Types of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are three main types of electric vehicle charging stations: home chargers, workplace chargers, and shared chargers.

Home chargers are the simplest type of electric vehicle charging station and they’re perfect for people who only have one car. You can plug your electric vehicle into a home charger and it will start charging up right away. Work chargers are perfect for people who have multiple cars. 

They’re usually located near the entrances of offices and businesses, so employees can easily charge their cars while they're working. Shared chargers are perfect for families or groups of friends who own multiple electric vehicles. 

They allow multiple people to charge their cars at the same time, which is great for busy families or groups who want to reduce their carbon footprint.