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What Is Sheet Metal Stamping and What Is It Used for?

Sheet metal tooling is often required by large companies such as manufacturers of aircraft, automobiles, and appliances. These companies are called OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

OEMs will seek out the best ways to make a product if they are aware of a specific part or product line that is needed. It is crucial to be able to discuss several processes. 

What is a Sheet Metal Stamping Operation?

This involves cutting the sheet metal and then shaping it into the desired shape. You can learn more about stamping press via

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Although a sheet metal stamping process can make use of many different types of machines, it still requires the three most essential items: stamping tool, stamping press, and sheet metal from where the part will be made.

Cold forming is the most common method of stamping sheet metal, with the exception of hot stamping, which is a more specialized method. This basically means that heat is not intentionally introduced to the sheet metal or die.

Remember that stamping is a cold-forming operation, but heat can still be produced. The friction created by cutting/forming sheet metal is similar to heat and friction when you rub your hands together. Because heat is generated from friction during cutting and forming, stamped parts are often extremely hot when they exit dies.

There are many careers in stamping, such as die designers, die engineers, machinists and diemakers. The tools that are needed to carry out the established process can be designed by die designers. They are skilled in operating computer-aided software, or CAD.