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What Is Included In Free Numerology Reports?

Every numerological report is different. There are even so many numerologists who offer a variety of reports on various types that you can wonder what exactly is included in this numerology report. Often numerologists do not determine or explain this, so if you want to know – and find out how you can get one of these free numerological reports in-depth, please keep reading!

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What is needed and why?

Often numerologists will request your full name and date of birth. Some will request more specific information such as your birth time, what time zone you are born, or even the name of your parents.

You might be wondering why a numerologist will ask for your full name and what to do with numbers. Simply put, in numerology, each letter is assigned a number, allowing them to analyze your unique personality, skills, attributes and profiles by using your name. There are several different systems used by numerologists to analyze information.

Life track number report

This is one of the most popular reports that you will find online. Usually, you enter your birth date and the number added together in such a way that it reveals your "Life Path Number". This number is the number one digit between one and nine, and it reveals a lot about personality, strength, weakness, and even the ideal profession for you.