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Various Types Of Heavy Equipment Used In Construction

There are various types of heavy machinery used for a variety of building and construction purposes in Ontario. Some types of equipment used in construction sites include bulldozers, excavators, concrete mixers,  cranes, forklifts, backhoes and so on. There are many companies in Canada that provide different types of construction equipment. To know more search for construction heavy equipment for sale in Ontario via

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Most of the heavy equipment is designed to move large quantities of construction materials or earth. Working of some heavy equipment are as follows:

Derek is often used to destroy large buildings and structures. It is also used to transport materials for the building.

Bulldozers are primarily used to pull down trees or crush large stones. Bulldozer has an extra-powerful engine that can be used to lose and remove dirt and other tough substances. 

Excavators are used to lifting supplies onto trucks. It is one of the construction machinery that is most widely used. 

Cranes consist of long sleeves and hooks that can be used to transport heavy materials for construction purposes in Ontario. There are various types of cranes designed for different types of construction work.

Heavy equipment used at a construction site also includes a backhoe used to dig and lift the material. It is considered as one of the most versatile machines. 

Another one is a concrete mixer, it is one of the most flexible machines and indispensable used in most construction sites. It can be used for various types of construction work.