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The Wide World Of Scrap Metals

Scrap metal refers to any metal that is reprocessed, recycled, and reused. Any sort of metal, from hubcaps to batteries, can be melted down to its molten state and reformed to be used for other purposes. You can also look for the best services of scrap metal reprocessing in Sydney.

Even old metals (like a rusty car bumper on the side of the road) that are seemingly worthless can be of some value to scrap metal buyers who make a living by collecting old and unwanted materials containing steel, aluminum, or virtually any other type of metal.

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Different Types of Metal

Some of the most popular metals used for scrap include aluminum, steel, and iron, each of which has unique characteristics that allow them to be used for different purposes.

Aluminum: This lightweight metal is used in lawn furniture, gutters, soda/beer cans, heavy electrical cables, and screenings. With such versatility, aluminum is generally considered to be one of the most sought after scrap metals.

Iron: is classified in two different ways: ferrous and nonferrous. Any metal that contains iron is a ferrous metal. Unlike other metals, iron is magnetic, a characteristic that alters its value. Iron is used in everything from pipes to car parts, but since it is very heavy and easy to find.

Steel: Steel is a ferrous metal, although it contains only small traces of iron and is generally either non-magnetic of slightly magnetic. Steel is used for a wide variety of projects, from massive skyscrapers and bridges to hub cabs and beer kegs. Steel is relatively expensive.