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The Most Celebrated Award Shows in Hollywood

Celebrities and filmmakers also need public trust here and there. The film awards ceremony recognizes Hollywood artists for their skills as actors, writers, directors, composers, and producers of fans and colleagues. While it's easy to think of all awards as equal, each show attracts a particular audience based on tone, voting system, and nominations. 

Award-winning shows, which the public will vote for top 10 Hollywood actors, typically feature funnier and bizarre elements to please mass audiences, while industry-based and highly acclaimed shows often take a conservative approach.

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Several award associations try from time to time to change the public image of the show. For example, Oscar chose to reach a younger audience and in 2010 featured actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway as co-hosts. The unsuitable moderator is bombarded horribly with superficial banter and unexpected exchanges. 

Despite the lack of tricks, Oscar renewed that experience in 2012 and invited comedian Seth McFarlane to host it. Despite these shortcomings, Oscar remains the best film award in Hollywood. Known unofficially as the Oscar, the show honours moving photos dating back to 1929, making it the longest-running film awards ceremony.

The Oscars are hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, one of the most influential film organizations in show business. Oscar's seasonal broadcast dates have changed several times, but have occurred consistently in late February or early March over the past decade. 

Since academy voters consist directly of a group of well-known Hollywood artists and directors, winning this muscular gold statue is directly tied to the opinion of peers in the industry.