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The Key To Prosperous Executive Coaching Is A Great Coach

When I'm asked about what it takes for an executive coach, the answer is often "a business card that reads Executive Coach." Executive coaching, also known as business, performance or executive coaching, is an unregulated field.

While you may know that your dentist or doctor must be qualified and follow specific guidelines, any person can be called an executive coach. How can a person or company choose the best executive coach for them? Here is the reference, you can choose Epiphany Professional Development  and strengthen your leaders & organizations.

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1.Learn how they can be called an executive coach. 

You need to ask probing questions if there is no regulatory framework. Is there a valid qualification? If so, how did it come about? Coaching Academy, a UK organization, offers a proven process. 

2.Speak to your current clients. 

This is the Catch 22 situation for a new coach. However, I cannot help but recommend that you look for someone with a track record of coaching. Ask probing questions of their coaches. Although they may give you a general favourable reference, their loyalty to the coach might cause them to not be able to confirm certain points.

3.Ask for documentation

You can ask them for confidentiality agreements, action plans, and booking systems. See if they are able to send them immediately or if they seem to have been crushed and created something for you.