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The ErgoOffice Sit Stand Desk – Be Flexible at Work

Working people who spend most of the day in the traditional sitting position often experience problems such as back pain and leg pain. If not treated in time, the problem can even lead to repetitive deformity injuries leading to long-term disability. The best solution to the problem is to stay mobile. This helps your bones and muscles stay active and flexible, reducing the risk of muscle injury.

Most doctors and fitness experts agree that alternating sitting and standing at work is a smart way to avoid discomfort, poor circulation, muscle cramps, and stiffness. With the ergonomically designed sit-stand desk converter from ErgoOffice, you can enjoy the benefits of flexible working positions.

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This versatile ergonomic desk is designed to increase your comfort and reduce the health hazards associated with standing still during most of your workday. The ErgoOffice seat mount is driven by an electric motor and is available in a variety of heights from 25 – 52 inches. Its displacement rate is about 1.7 in/s and it has a weight limit of 130 pounds per foot. This table features a lacquered veneer panel that is approximately 0.86 inches thick. Such properties really make the Ergo Office Sit Stand Desk a dynamic office solution.

The table base is made of steel, which ensures its strength and durability. This ergonomic desk is known for its optimum durability and durability. It features a retractable or swivel pencil drawer and a movable file cabinet with two spare drawers to solve your space and storage problems. Customizable keyboard and CPU stand extensions are also available.