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X-Ray Inspection Will Let You Know What’s Inside

Industrial X-ray inspection, radiography or radiographic testing (RT) is a non-destructive test method with the possibility of showing the substrate and internal properties of the product to be tested. This basic information is used to determine the strength and quality of the test material or product. You can also get more information about x-ray via

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X-ray inspection uses high-penetrating X-rays to create a permanently visible film or digital record of the internal state of a product or material without damaging the test element. When assessed by a trained eye, films or images show defects, defects or required structural features.

X-ray examination services are most commonly used for the following purposes:

• Find internal cracks such as shrinkage, cracks and porosity of products and parts

• Check the integrity of internal components

• Determine the quality of the weld


One of the advantages of x-ray examination over some other examination methods is that it does not damage the sample. Materials and products that undergo X-ray inspection can also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including castings, welds, electronic components, and machine parts. 

Another advantage is that with each x-ray examination or x-ray exposure, a permanent film or digital image is created that can be viewed again in the future.