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How To Keep Your Car Safe

Road tax is required if you are driving your vehicle or keeping it on public roads. You must display a current tax disc in your front window to prove that your tax is current. You can renew your road tax 6-monthly or annually, depending on how much you wish to pay.

It should be easy to renew your tax disc. You should get a reminder letter in the mail approximately 2 weeks before your current one runs out. To renew your tax disc at a post office or online, you can use the reference number on this form.  You can also look for car registration services by visiting this website.

Banning old vehicles is retrograde: Vehicle's fitness, not age, should be the criteria for scrapping - The Financial Express

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You can order a new tax disc and backdate it for 14 days. This allows you to avoid paying a penalty if you're a little late renewing. You must not drive your car before receiving the new disc.

Only a pre-booked test will allow you to drive without an MOT. The MOT system is being computerized so that police patrol cars can inspect specific cars.

Insurance. It is illegal to drive your car without third-party insurance. While it covers you and your vehicle against any claims made by others, this does not cover you. Comprehensive coverage is required. Without at least third-party insurance, you will not be able to renew your road taxes.