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How Can You Carefully Remove Stains From Dress Shirts

What is the greatest fear that all dress enthusiasts tend to have? Assumptions? The answer is "spots". It's something that everyone fears a lot. 

Imagine when you wear a spectacular and very expensive dress shirt for a party; Your behavior becomes quite circumstantial, you try to protect it as much as possible to be stained.

On this note, here is a list of some of the most common spots you will encounter and effective ways to deal with them:

Coffee and tea stains

It may be one of the most striking. How many times do you have or someone else (even worse) coffee or error reversed tea on your expensive city shirt? You can even hire professional laundry experts for the stains of tea towel cleaning.

Probably a number of times! So, when you encounter such a situation, it is always good to work quickly to eliminate the stain rather than going frantically with anger. 

You can remove the spot by first immersing your jacket with lukewarm water. 

Blood spots

It is not uncommon to see bloodstains on your shirts, especially if you are a person involved in a lot of physical activity. 

But the good thing is that these spots can be removed easily. All you have to do is soak the shirt in cold water for about 15 minutes and rub the stained patch with ammonia. 


If there is a stain that is absolutely impossible to avoid, it is definitely this one! Whether your dress catches other stains or not, it will certainly leave sweaty spots. 

However, you will be relieved to know that these spots are the easiest to delete. Whenever you observe a sweat stain in the shirt, rinse gently with hot water and detergent and let it dry. It's as simple as possible!