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Go With Solar Street Light System And Save Mother Earth

Solar energy is widely in usage these days because of the rising concern for the environment and its resources. There are a myriad of applications of solar energy, lighting for outdoor use is just one.

This is true for the solar street lighting system in India too. Since this form of energy has gained popularity, a few of the top-rated businesses working with alternative energy sources have taken the idea of creating solar street lights and other lighting systems for outdoor use based on solar energy.

solar lighting

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Typically, a solar street light does not require any wiring or trenching typically, they're mounted on galvanized poles specially designed to ensure they remain unmoved for a longer time. Additionally, they can withstand any adverse weather conditions. Solar power lights can be used for lighting pathways as well as municipal lighting, street lamp municipal lighting, billboard lighting for transit shelters signs roads lights, and more.

Solar street light installation kit:

The components needed to install solar street lights in India typically come with the kit, but you must purchase the pole for mounting separately. Some poles are made to be easy to install. They have a powerful microprocessor that automatically comes activated whenever the sun sets and rises.

Another key component of the solar street lighting systems includes a built-in timer. It determines the period in which the light stays on, and it regulates the battery of the panel so that it keeps the battery from overcharging and charging. Some of these systems can be operating for 72 hours during cloudy days i.e. without the sun.