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Truths and Lies About Self Publishing

Do you want to see your book published?

Anxiety about your book is being bound and printed is something that every author has experienced at one time or another. However, too much anxiety can lead to poor decisions that will be costly later. Before you jump on the self-publishing bandwagon, let's examine the truths and the lies of self-publishing.

Lie: Self-publishing is costly. Many authors and writers say that self-publishing is too expensive.

Truth: Self-publishing is simple and inexpensive. Self-publishing is easy to get into and costs little, contrary to popular belief. Self-publishing is a rapidly changing industry. Publishers are constantly upgrading their facilities to offer better quality services and more affordable pricing. You can self publish book online through in very simple and easy steps.

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Here's how it works. Select a book size and format your Word document to fit it. Then, you can convert your Word doc to a PDF using Photoshop. Once that is done, upload the PDF to the self-publisher. It can be as simple as uploading an unformatted Word document to the self-publishing service provider. They will create a book for you!

Lie: Low-quality services are offered by self-publishing companies.

Truth: Self-publishing firms are here to stay. They've been around for a while and continue to improve their services to authors like you. Many self-publishing companies have a solid reputation. If the cover is not well designed, it will be an indication that your self-published book is untrustworthy. You should ensure that the company you choose to work with has a solid track record.