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Hire Unarmed Security Guards In Dallas

Many people underestimate the power of hiring unarmed security guards, because in their estimation an unarmed security guard would not be able to do too much. The main responsibility of unarmed security officers is observing and reporting, which means that they are trained to prevent crime from happening in the first place. 

A security officer who patrols property regardless of whether it is a construction site, an apartment building, retail property or other properties will prevent a high percentage of crime from occurring through its presence. To get more details about the best unarmed security guard refer to

It is highly important that the security guard is well trained, motivated and held accountable. The most effective officers are the ones that frequently patrol the site they are responsible for. That shows potential perpetrators that the guard is active and vigilant. Frequent patrols also increase the security guard's visibility. 

Good security companies will create accountability by employing various electronic monitoring devices and by frequent supervisory visits. Every unarmed guard should be trained by a specific security plan and should be provided site specific post orders with a detailed description of responsibilities and tasks. Well trained, professional unarmed security guards that are supervised and held accountable are a great weapon against crime.