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The Scrabble Rules for Playing

Scrabble is among the most loved family-friendly games ever, loved by all ages it can provide the same pleasure for a novice as one that has been playing a long time. Scrabble can be played by as many as four or two players playing words on the board using the tiles they own. To win the game, you can also pop over to this site to find scrabble words.

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Scratch is played using a 15 by 15 grid that is made up of 100 letters. To determine who wins first each player draws a tile from their bag and the player with one of the tiles closest to the beginning of the alphabet is awarded (with the tile that is blank being the most desirable). 

Once the game's order is decided and tile tiles go back to the bag. Following this play order players will then select seven tiles each and play begins.

The player begins by playing an appropriate word using the tiles on his rack, which is placed on the middle tile on the board either horizontally or vertically.

 After they have completed their chosen word scores on each tile are added to the score and then the player takes more tiles from the bag until that they have seven tiles on their table. The score for the initial word used is multiplied by the number of tiles. Each turn, the player can play words, or exchange tiles for new tiles from the bag before passing their turn.