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Benefits Of Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose bushes, familiar to everyone, yield an essential oil from flower petals, ranging in color from pale pink to deep scarlet red. The most common species for aromatherapy are Damascus, Cabbage, or French Rose. ''Rose otto,'' obtained by water distillation, is the most expensive essential oil on the market, between $500 and $1,400 per ounce, or $1.25 to $4.00 per drop. This clear to pale yellow oil has a delicate, subtle aroma that is light, sweet, and spicy.

"Rose Absolute,'' distilled with solvent (alcohol), varies in color from orange to brown and has a deep, dusky and honeyed aroma, much stronger than organic rose otto vital oil, but available at half the price. Some aromatherapists consider rose absolute inferior, but other than a difference in fragrance, the properties, and benefits of rose otto and rose absolute are generally the same.


The rose is considered by many the most regal of flowers, the finest and most elegant flower in the garden. It traditionally symbolizes true love and its essential oil is a tonic for the physical heart as well as emotions. It is a tender, uplifting and soothing aroma that has been used for centuries to heal both heart and soul.

A rose oil massage or bath is a preferred treatment for female reproductive problems including premenstrual cramps and emotionality (PMS), menopause, and postpartum depression. Rose oil is also a choice ingredient in skin-care products for all skin types, but especially for treating mature, dry, or sensitive skin. 

The essential oil of rose alleviates sadness, disappointment, and grief while nurturing and strengthening the inner spirit. It creates a comforting feeling that allows one to experience and express love toward others, as well as themself.