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Home Support Agency or Private Caregiver?

There are several things to consider when choosing between hiring a private caregiver and hiring a caregiver agency or home support company. Probably the first thing to consider is:

1.The level and complexity of care required. The more complex your requirements, the more difficult it may be to find qualified people. You can also search the web to get more information about personal assistant and private association.

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2 . The current employment situation. Are there private caregivers seeking independent work or is the market short of caregivers? 

If the market in your area is short of caregivers, it will be harder to find someone and you'll have fewer people to choose from. This also makes it more difficult to find a replacement in case of illness or vacation.

Questions You Have To Ask Any Potential Caregiver

1 . How long has the company been in business? With the aging population of the baby – boomers, many people have seen senior care as a lucrative market. Home care companies are springing up constantly. Choose someone with a track record.

2.Do they provide all levels of care, both medical and non – medical? You may only require non – medical care now, but that could change in the future. And change is always easier with as little disruption as possible.

3.Is the individual or the company's owners/managers a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging or Certified Senior Advisor? 

4.What kind of background checks or screening is done? Insist on a full criminal record check.