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How Many GMC Multipro Tailgate Uses Are There?

With six different uses, the GMC multiPro tailgate can do almost anything. In its essence, the new GMC multiPro tailgate is two tailgates in one: in addition to the main door, it also offers a smaller inner door. 

These two tailgates can be elevated and dropped to create some different combinations that make the new GMC Sierra truck more flexible than ever. You can also look for the best GMC multipro tailgate fix via

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Here are six different uses of GMC multipro tailgate:

Primary Gate: It open from the key fob, inside the truck, or button on the gate.

Primary Gate Load Stop: Are you transporting huge objects that require you to hold the primary gate down?

With the load stop function, you can prevent everything from slipping out of the box. Easily pull out the inner sheet metal from the inner gate and fold it up.

Easy Access: The GMC multiPro tailgate easy access characteristic lets you drop the inner gate when the main door is down so you're up to nine inches closer and have better reach.

Full-Width Step: By opening and folding the inner gate, you can build a 48-inch ladder that allows easy access to the bed of your 2019 GMC Sierra Truck.

Inner Gate Load Stop: The new Sierra bed features a two-tier cargo design that makes it easy to use the two-tier object separation platform.

Inner Gate Task Surface: By simply lowering the inner gate turns the back of your GMC Sierra into a spacious work surface at the correct height.