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Affordable and Safe Mailing Envelopes

The bubble mailer is an invention that would provide those who are sending fragile and crushable items a form of safety by making the envelope in such a way that it can easily accommodate these crushable items.

These are envelopes that are made of various sizes and have a bubble that is stuck to the inner surface in the most non-intrusive way. This was a design that was invented to prevent articles from getting crushed during their transportation. You can also buy the best blank poly mailer from various online sources.

Things like compact discs, small pieces of jewelry, and games are some of the items which are used in the transport through these bubble envelopes. The best part about these envelopes is that it is cheaper than any other material and you would not require to send these items separately.

It is not such a common commodity that it can be found anywhere although now it has caught on with the market demands and there are multiple stores all over the place which aim to be completely devoted to these kinds of envelopes.

Those who are very involved in shipping and the handling of these items are the ones who are fairly knowledgeable in this kind of business. Those who are specialized in packaging will be having a cheap source of such types of envelopes. 

The rate is decided by the quantity you would want to buy and this would vary in the amount that you would be needing. Go to the nearest grocery store or maybe a shipping store and you will be able to get a good selection of such envelopes.

Remember that these affordable and safe mailing envelopes were made for a purpose and the purpose of these is not to be stacked one upon the other.

These are to keep small articles within it safe and free from damage however if you do stack up many of these together there is a good possibility that the safety envelop will not be able to withstand such high pressure and get crushed. The heaviness plays a factor too.

If you have something that is light you should put in additional protection like some form of padding for example if you want to send perfume then you should have padding for its protection. This should be done keeping in mind that this should not become a liability to the company transporting the goods.