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Things To Know About Solar Panel Maintenance In Australia

When you start checking out the solar panels, you will see that most of the sellers harp one thing – that these panels are "maintenance free". With no moving parts, the overall wear and tear are less. As such almost, all the manufacturers seem to highlight this part.

It is true that a solar pane once installed lasts for nearly 20 to 25 years. Also, you will find that the sellers offer workmanship warranties on the panels, thereby making these items a lucrative one. If you want to get more information about earche solar panel, then you can navigate to

If you consider all these aspects, the solar panels do look maintenance-free, but in reality, is that so? Well, we all know that no matter what one says, there is hardly any product in the market that does not require maintenance.

Some are easy to maintain, some are difficult. Some go kaput quite early while others last for several seasons. Thus, we thought of discussing the top three areas that are related to maintenance issues and you are bound to face problems with them once installed.

To start with, you should pay attention to the solar panel cleaning. With the passage of time, dirt, dust, pollen and other debris start to accumulate on the panel thereby preventing the sunrays to enter the PV system.