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What To Expect From Dentist During A Root Canal Treatment

Root canal, also known as tooth replacement is the dental care that is used to give patients strong and healthy teeth and above all restore their smile long gone. Although brushing teeth twice a day and flossing regularly, you may find yourself dealing with dental problems such as missing teeth, broken teeth, and tooth decay and so on. Unfortunately, most patients have their teeth affected and influenced by their choice of diet.

If this is your first time getting a root canal, it is likely that you are a bit worried about the procedure, especially with crazy myths associated with root canal treatment. You can also hire the best and licensed dentist for root canal treatment by browsing at

However, to ensure that you have a head-on what to expect here is a step by step guide just for you. The first thing your dentist will offer you a painkiller or local anesthesia or sedation. This will help numb the affected area and make the whole painful procedures bearable.

Once the affected area is numb, the dentist will place a thin sheet of rubber on the affected tooth. The move is intended to isolate the affected tooth as much as possible. Thus, the dentist will ensure that the entire treatment procedure takes place in a sterile environment and germ-free.

The dentist then used an instrument specifically designed to remove dead pulp tissue of the affected tooth. Dentists also clean out the root canal and pulp chamber using an antiseptic and antibacterial solution. Finally, your teeth will require a permanent restoration. And if it is a filling or crown, the restoration should be able to provide a complete seal and replace the missing tooth structure.