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Physical Therapy Back Pain Treatments

The physiotherapist will take a look at your injury or muscle issues and then use the electromagnetic therapy device that is more targeted and tailored to your condition. Also, the physical therapist who will guide you through exercises and stretches you can do in a timely manner and suggest ways to manage your pain.

In the early stages of treating back pain and injuries, the main problems are usually inflammation, muscle spasms, and decreased mobility. The first step in treatment should be reducing inflammation and cramping with the help of electromagnetic therapy devices which can be purchased via

Switching too quickly to treatments designed to improve mobility and/or increase muscle strength and endurance can often dramatically increase inflammation and cramping, and significantly slow recovery.

Treatments such as electrical stimulation and cold compresses are often the first step in managing inflammation and cramping. This therapy is often more effective than medication for relieving the patient's symptoms. 

Cold compresses can be especially helpful when prescribed for home use as a supplement to in-office treatments, as frequent use of cold therapy is the most effective way to reduce existing inflammation. 

In the early stages of treatment, when symptoms are worst, applying an ice pack every two hours for 10 to 15 minutes can reduce inflammation more quickly than even the most powerful anti-inflammatory drugs.