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Cushion Covers – Are Decorative Furnishings That Stylize The Sofas, Couches

The luxurious covers of cushions have become essential accessories for interiors. Covers for cushions are ornamental pieces that can enhance the look of sofas and chairs, couches, and even outdoor lounges, with a variety of forms as well as colors and designs.

The smooth surface and the soft sheen of the covers offer a gentle feel when touched. Prepared from fabrics of different textures the cushion covers with impressive hand embroideries and embellishments are engaging works of art. You can browse to buy cushion covers online.

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The common fabrics used are silk, cotton, jute, rayon, polyester, organza, velvet, and more. The shapes vary from typical squares and rectangles to circles, ovals, and polygons. 

Images of gods and goddesses, animals, birds, flowers, leaves, and human beings are embroidered. Inspirations from epics, mythologies, and court scenes are encapsulated into impressive designs. 

Various geometric patterns are also crafted on the covers. The panorama of everyday life is also painted with the needles and threads on the fabrics.

Block-printed cushion draperies make for resplendent decorations of the cushions and the sofas. Multiple pieces of colored fabrics are stitched over one another forming decorative patterns. They are then embellished with various metal pieces, beads, mirrors, sequins, cowries, tassels, and various other decorative items.

Cushion covers with fabric paints are very popular nowadays for their affordable price rates. They breathe life into the interior decors with their bright colors and ornamentation. Among the various fabric paintings, batik painting, tie-and-dye, and silk-screening are found in vogue in the home furnishings.