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What are the Advantages of Turkish towels?

Although Turkish towels aren’t new, some people don’t know much about them. These towels look thin. How will they dry you after a shower or swim? The secret is in the cotton. You can also look for the best quality cotton Turkish towel on Turquoise Beach 

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Making magic with your hands

Turkish cotton's long fibers make it extremely absorbent and easy to dry. Turkish towels are thin and lightweight because of this. It's also a great fashion accessory for nights when it might get chilly. It will heat your lap faster than any cat if folded twice. It's not a good idea for a cat to be taken along when you travel.

Fringe benefits

Some Turkish towels have traditional knotted tassels. The fringed towel can be used as decors such as a throw or blanket on your couch or bed. You can also grab one while you're on the way to your next picnic. You can get them in many different designs and colors.

Care for your Turkish towel

Your Turkish towel will soften, fluffier, and absorb more as you use it more often. Before you use your Turkish towel, wash it. It is recommended that you soak your towel in cool water for at least one night.

Machine washing should be done on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach and fabric softener. To dry, tumble dry at low heat and without using dryer sheets. You can hang them up because they dry quickly.