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Asphalt – Seal or Not Seal, That’s The Question

You can find them everywhere! black and smelling new parking lots with lots of yellow lines and straight lines. But wait, a closer look will reveal the mystery. 

Many want their parking space to shine in the sun and impress their customers, employees and neighbors.  You can now easily get the best colored pavement treatments if you click here now.

Slurry Seal Treatment Types

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To continue, we need to dispel a few myths about seals:

Myth: This will extend the life of your parking space.

Although they have many aesthetic advantages, the sealant acts as a paint coating. It's more of a "visual pleasure" than an improvement to the overall texture of the asphalt. Some may claim that it protects the asphalt surface from UV rays, chemicals and oils. 

There is some truth in this statement. UV rays oxidize the asphalt surface and appear when the surface color changes. The thin sealing layer protects some of it from oil and chemical contamination.

Myth: It's always the cheapest solution

Some may try to sell sealants to customers using the previous two assignments as an excuse to use sealants. While this option is less expensive than structural repairs, it can add up in the long run, especially if the sealant only lasts about 2-3 years. The budget process becomes a balancing act between what needs to be done. 

Structural repairs don't look as good or painless as simple sealants. Often, if there is a choice between structural repairs and watertight coatings, the structural fix must be chosen. If repairs are too expensive and maintenance is still a priority, fill in gaps and protect the asphalt structure.