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Compression Socks: Benefits Of Wearing Compression socks In North York

Although compression socks and support socks are primarily used for medical purposes, the availability of more modern materials has made it possible to wear such clothing with a more glamorous style.

Compression Socks in North York and Downtown Toronto help to improve blood circulation in the lower legs. This is because age, weakening of musculature, or illness have reduced the body's ability to do so unaidedly. Blood flow is primarily achieved by blood pumping around the cardiovascular system, and blood returning to the heart via the action in the veins. 

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The veins have valves that ensure blood flows only in one direction. The blood will not flow if the veins become blocked or damaged, as with varicose. Similar conditions can occur when a vein becomes blocked, as in deep vein thrombosis.

By applying constant, but gradual pressure to the legs' veins and muscles, compression socks aid blood flow. Compression socks work by reducing the pressure on the legs due to gravity pushing the blood downwards.

In this process, the calf muscle is an important component. It's responsible for pushing blood up the legs by contracting against the deep veins of the legs. Compression socks aid in this process by supporting the muscle's contractions and then returning it to its original form.

Benefits Of Compression Stockings

  • Improves circulation.
  •  Relieves symptoms of tired and aching feet
  • Helps to prevent the deterioration and enlargement of varicose vessels
  • Prevents recurrence after surgery
  • May prevent expensive and unpleasant surgery.

Use Of Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are effective if you wear them throughout the day. You should usually take your stockings off before going to bed, but your doctor might recommend that you wear them at night. You should take them off each day to wash your legs, and check the health of your skin.