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Buying Your First Commercial Dishwasher?

Actually, commercial dishwashers are not much different to common household dishwashers. However, there are some basic differences between both kinds of dishwashers that are important for you to know about before making an all-important purchase for the restaurant.

1. Commercial dishwashers are generally heavier than domestic dishwashers.

2. Commercial dishwashers take two minutes to complete a full cycle, unlike domestic dishwashers which can take as much as an hour at one time. To meet health and safety regulations, it's crucial to reach a specific amount of water temperature and pressure in commercial machines to clean all cutlery and crockery.



3. Some commercial devices now include a new technology called the Four Spray Arm method which cleans from multiple directions and angles, increasing the ability to wash in large quantities.

4. Dishwashers for businesses are also always made of stainless steel with heavy-duty finishes, as opposed to the domestic dishwashers available on the market today.

Understanding these differences between both kinds of dishwashers can be used to get somebody who wants to purchase their first dishwasher for business enterprise purposes? For one thing, cheap is not always the way to go. Cheap machines have plastic elements and the most significant thing about using a commercial dishwasher is avoiding plastic.

The reason for this is that dishwashers are usually used non-stop, day in and day out in advertisements. When exposed to elevated temperatures on such a continuous basis, these plastic components emit quite easily. It could be a waste of money to purchase your commercial machine unless it was made entirely of stainless steel inside and outside.  The second most important thing to learn about your dishwasher is the fact that it'll be constructed with two types of drainage systems.