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Climate Change Summit – The Road Map to Succes

The issues related to the environment are aplenty, and therefore the responsibility for the remediation, mitigation, and sustainability should not be sole with the major economic players across the planet. In truth, the economies of these countries have been a major contributor to the creation of greenhouse gases which have led to the global temperature rise and the depletion of the layers of ozone.

The world is looking to hire climate change lawyer for global warming mediation solutions to the looming and anticipated environmental issues. The expectation is blatantly directed toward the industrialized world, including but not only those in the United States, Europe (EU), and emerging economies (China, India) in Asia.

There are other issues that can be associated with acidification of water and soil sources as well as climate-related disasters such as rising sea level melting of ice at the poles, flooding and destruction of biological diversity as well as other issues.

Chemistry tells us that the ozone layer loss and an increase in carbon dioxide are primarily caused by two sources: the first is ozone reactions with nitrous and carbon fumes released into the atmosphere and the second is ozone's reaction with the emission of CFCs and related organic compounds.

Other significant sources of higher carbon dioxide include fossil fuels as well as wood or deforestation. Unfortunately, human activities, such as the combustion of fossil fuels as well as deforestation are rapidly becoming the primary causes of the carbon dioxide levels rising.

It is certainly identified that these reactions and actions result in two consequences. In the first, it results in the production of carbon dioxide to levels that are far higher than the levels of its natural (that is allowed amounts) that are present in our atmosphere.