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Child Custody Laws: You Need to Know For Your Custody Order

Divorcing or divorcing parents need to be familiar with child custody laws as they will have a significant impact on their child custody order. Each state has its unique set of rules when it comes to child custody. The state determines child custody legislation.

There are common terms and laws regarding custody that can be found in all states. These are the most basic and common laws regarding child custody. You can know more about child custody laws online.

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The same court that decides child custody is also the one that has jurisdiction over divorce proceedings. This court is also known as the family court. The judge usually decides custody cases. However, any parent can request a jury if they so desire.

Both parents have the same rights regarding their children. Unless proven otherwise, the court will assume that both parents can take care of their children.

There are many types of custody. Sole custody can be granted to one parent during divorce proceedings and custody proceedings. When both parents have custody of the children, they are called joint custody or shared custody. Both parents are involved in the decision-making regarding the children, and the children live with each parent.

The best interests of the child will be considered by the judge and court when deciding what custody type to grant.