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About Charred Wood Cladding

Charred wood cladding is the process of covering one material with another. There are many options to climb the interior or exterior walls of your home to create a new appearance. Cladding can also help separate your home from the weather.


There are many common cinder wood product options outside your home. Brick is a more expensive option but has the advantage of low maintenance and durability. Bricks can be found in many different sizes and colors and are acceptable for both contemporary and classic home designs. Brick on wooden exteriors is a great upgrade for any dwelling.

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Stone is just another durable cladding option for your exterior walls, although one of the most expensive options. Stone is more challenging to change to match an outside home and usually requires the installation of a specialist. Alternatively, it can be used as an accent wall option, instead, completely cladding outside the home.


Cladding the inside of your house will immediately change the look and feel of your house. Classic cladding options include paint, wallpaper or paneling. Wall newspaper and paneling are not popular choices. Painting is a much more popular solution for living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms.

External cladding should typically be accomplished by an expert. For proper setup and solid structure, professionals have the knowledge and training to be effective. Internal cladding is generally only basic installation and may be carried out by the majority of homeowners.