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Glue-Down Cork Tiles Vs Cork Floating Floors

The benefits of cork flooring make it an excellent investment for your household. Now, however, you may be wondering what type of flooring to use. If you are considering the price two of the best options are glued cork tiles or floating cork boards. You can get to know about their price via

Advantages of A Cork Floating Floor Over Glue-Down Cork Tiles

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Cork tiles with glue

Cork tile is more difficult to install than floating cork flooring. You need to have a suitable floor made of plywood, cement, or concrete. The lower floors should be completely flat and clean. You need to apply the necessary primer for production to the floor and wait for it to dry completely.

Then you can start applying glue and laying the cork tiles. Once done, you will need to use a roller drum to level the tiles and apply the finishing costs necessary to produce them. Professional installation is usually more expensive because more work is required.

Floating cork board

Floating cork floors are easier to install than cork tiles. This is usually used by homeowners. You can use the same ground floor tiles. However, you can also install this on some existing floors such as vinyl, laminate, or tile.

The reason why it is easier to install is over. There is no need to apply sealants or coatings. although some people do it to get better pressure. The boards will stick together and don't need glue or nails.