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Is CBD Safe to Take With Birth Control?

Maybe, maybe not. That's about the best we can tell you with what's known as of now based on science. I'll attempt to keep this short and sweet so you can understand the basics of why it's a maybe or maybe not.

Note: CBD has no effect on other types of birth control methods like condoms, diaphragms, and spermicides. As long as your birth control method is not based on progesterone and/or estrogen, or any form of them, you are safe with CBD.

Why is CBD and Birth Control Up In The Air?

1. P450!

There, I said it.

But what is P450?

It's a mechanism within the human body that is inhibition of a cytochrome system, and it's known as P450.

2. Direct competition with female hormones that regulate the 28-day cycle of an adult female. 

Birth control works by stopping ovulation, or manipulates that 28-day cycle with guess what? 

You guessed it! Female hormones. Progesterone and estrogen are the ones being manipulated or controlled with birth control. Stop these two from doing their jobs and no ovulation. 

No ovulation, no pregnancy, it's simple…until we throw CBD into the mix.

The problems and questions mostly lie in the fact that CBD attaches itself to estrogen receptors. This could prevent estradiol from connecting to the receptors properly, and interrupting birth control from doing its job effectively.

They have a high quality and extremely detailed post on how CBD affects birth control on Koalitymedicinals if you want more information.

I can tell you that in forums across the web, women are not complaining about becoming pregnant from using CBD in conjunction with hormone-based birth control.