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Beautiful Yucatan Cenote Diving

A Mayan sacred area where the physical universe and the spiritual underworld match. An entry to an underground river system.The whole river system in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula runs through miles of underground caves.

Centoes look like little ponds with  the water level, just below or at the forest floor. Cenotes are entrances into Xibalba, the underworld, a place that's neither heaven nor hell, but contributes to the afterlife.

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If a cenote experience is in your list of items to do, then you will end up 4-wheeling down a narrow jungle street via palms and ceibas and copal trees.

If diving is your thing, make certain you go with a divemaster who's well familiar with the area. Most dives are cavern dives instead of cave dives. At a cavern dive, the sailors never leave sight of this light flowing in from the entry.

Guide-Line works for the whole dive, providing you with a point of reference if the silt on the bottom of the cavern gets awakened and reduces visibility.Cenotes are all beautiful. Lost in the jungle away from civilization, you feel like you are walking into a different world.