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How To Buy Used capsule Filling Machine

A capsule filling machine, also known as a capsule filler, is a machine for filling and sealing capsules with powder, granules, or other types of products. This main packaging machine is used in the capsule packaging process.

Capsule filling machines can be found in the pharmaceutical and food industries. You can also check for the used equipment of capsule filling machine through the web.

Capsule Filling Machine

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Buying a used capsule filling machine remains a high investment for some companies. Prices vary depending on the conditions, brand, location, and year of manufacture of the machine.

A distinction is made between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic filling machines. They are suitable for a variety of capsule sizes and types and can be tailored to suit production needs.

First, the capsule is half-opened. This step is known as separation. You will then be transported to a gas station.

In the automatic model, the capsule is filled automatically by a cartridge that rotates in a periodic or continuous motion. The predetermined amount of product is poured into each capsule. The capsules are then checked by the control station.

The capsule dispenser usually has settings to suit the various formats available. Finally, once filled, the capsules are automatically transported to the sealing station. The machine closes the capsule.

After this process, the capsules are ready to be packed in secondary packaging. They can be packaged in scuffs or bottles or boxes.